Why business travel is not a pleasurable experience

Business travel is a common practice followed in corporate where an employee is sent to an offshore client location to deal and conduct the business. The frequency of trip varies on the portfolio you are holding plus the amount company is willing to spend on you. For some of the employees it start to become a pain as the amount of trips they have to go. In case you are owner of your own business then it is an additional burden in your pocket which can cause you a problem. However be the case never a business trip has been a pleasurable experience.

Business trip are generally conducted for senior most employees of the work force. These are the one who will bring profit to the company by using their skill to impress the clients or work out a new project. This age group of people have an additional responsibility of the family. Their family starts to feel their absence as these business trips are of short span but of more frequency. You even don’t have the option to take your family with you.

Business travel

You don’t have time to explore the surroundings which otherwise could have given at least some satisfaction. You start to miss the time around which your kids annual fest is missed or your anniversary. These trips are so tightly planned that in many case it is straight from one office to another and back to home. You will not even enjoy a slightest part plus there will be an additional stress of delivering your business ideas.

There are many surveys which point out that more than 50% of people from outside come to USA on a business travel visa. This shows the increase in number of people who are using business travel facility. In many companies employee has to himself plan out all the expense from his pocket which is later reimbursed and carry forward to employee. This is not a good policy at first step. You have to adjust to different time zones with different hotels. The food habit is changed and in case you are not the type of person who like to eat food outside this trip will be hell for you. Regardless of you like or not business trip is essential for your career as you company profit depends on it. So next time plan in such a way that you can enjoy most out of your business trip.

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