What is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Poorly maintained carpets could be an absolute unpleasant sight ruining your home’s aesthetic look and overall hygiene condition. One of the processes of carpet cleaning: dry cleaning method, involves the use of specialized equipment to render your carpet dust and stain free. Advanced technologies allow almost ‘no or negligible moisture’ technique to be used for cleaning your carpets and retaining their beauty and hygiene standards. Dry carpet cleaning is a widely used process to remove all kinds of dirt, stains, dust and grit accumulated over a period of usage. The technique also successfully removes potential allergens from your carpet adding to their longevity, pleasing look and healthier floor covers.

Processes of Dry Carpet Cleaning Lanarkshire:

Primarily, dry carpet cleaning Lanarkshire uses techniques that approach the carpets more accurately using very low moisture systems. One of the prime advantages of using this technique is the application of dry compounds that allow rapid drying of your carpet, making re-use faster and easier. The system is relatively less labour intensive than the wet extraction method used for carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Lanarkshire

The process typically entails using detergents or emulsifiers that work towards breaking the binding agent that glues dirt to your carpet surface and fibres. The pre-treatment, low moisture cleaning agent is sprayed onto the carpet for a brief period of time, which is followed by application of the primary cleaning compound. Once the chemical dissolves the accumulated grease that binds grit and grime, it becomes easier to release the dust particles from the carpet fibres.

At Carpet Cleaning Lanarkshire, use of cleaning compounds include absorbents biodegradable solvents that spread uniformly over the carpet area and is brushed or scrubbed into the fibres for facilitating the dust extraction process. For household carpets, this process is followed by collecting the dirt through a vacuuming procedure, leaving the carpet instantly clean and dry. Whereas, for commercial purposes, specialized brushes are used for hand scrubbing and extracting the heavy dust and grime.


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