Myths about LED Lighting and LED Bulbs

One of the fastest developing technologies in the lighting arena is the LED light bulbs LED Light Bulb. The first visible spectrum LED was invented by Nick Holonyak Jr. in the year 1962 when he was working in GE. During that period, everyone called LED as a magic one. Slowly the residential properties have turned towards LED lighting because of the numerous advantages, however there are some popular misconceptions about the LED light bulb หลอดไฟ-led.html.

Some Myths about LED Light Bulbs

There is never shortages of myths about new technologies. Some of them are discussed below

LED Bulbs are too expensive – The components of the LED light bulbs หลอด led can be done only by human hands and not by factory machine due to complexities involved. Moreover the brightest led lights can produce only blue light. However, in order to get white light, a rare expensive metal called phosphor is coated over the light, thus making it expensive. However, due to the surplus production of LED light bulbs and to stay in the market place, competitors sell it at a very decent price and not expensive.

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LED Lights are not bright as incandescent lamps – This is a very common myth about LED light bulb หลอดไฟ-led.html that they are not bright as the conventional incandescent lamp. This is because the brightness is measured in watts, apparently brightness of the light should not be measure in watts rather by lumens. On doing so, it is very much evident that LED light bulbs are more brighter than other lamps.

Lighting is small part of electric consumption? Why require a change– In the current era, lighting usage is about 15% of the electric consumption which increased from 8% in the last fifteen years. This is expected to further increase to 45% by 2025. To manage the consumption and to reduce the electricity charges, this change is indeed a mandatory one.


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