How to reduce your business travel expenses

You are the white collared and senior most employee of the company then a business travel makes an integral part of your career from now onwards. This is a peak of your career when company trust you and relies on you to bring profit to the same. This process involves traveling to distant location maybe continent apart to get the new project which will bring revenue for the company.

No matter how much profit you bring to the company this business travel is an additional expense on the company’s balance sheet. They would prefer an alternative approach then for the business travel. Business travel normally includes an air fare as you don’t have time to spend using other mode. This mode of transport is the costliest among others as such companies prefer to find a solution so as business agreements can be made from company only.

In some cases company ask employee to make for the expenses which will be later reimbursed. This process is long and time taking as it depends on the HR policy of same. You can normally try to reduce the budget as it comes out from your own pocket. In case the frequency of travel is more you can book a same flight every time. In this way you will be elite passenger and will receive some of the service free of cost.

reduce business travel expenses

It has been seen that many companies have tie up with the travel agents to plan out the detail of business trip of your employee. These agencies calculate commission at each and every fare and increase the cost of your travel. This is an additional burden and you should try to plan out the travel on your own. Hire out an extra HR who is proficient in booking of tickets and conducting trips so as this expense is resolved.

In case you visit a same country and that too a same location where your client is residing you can have tie up with a hotel as well. This will help you ensure the service of hotel is good for you and there is no compromise in pricing as well. You can also plan out for business strategies where the business travel is require out for less number of purpose only. You can use alternative mode such as Skype, Citrix or any other mode of video conferencing services.


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