Stopalcoholaddiction blog states 3 reasons for teenage binge drinking

As per the reports of National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 60.4% of students in the US are underage alcohol consumers. Amongst these, 33.2% are of 12th grade, 19.9% are of 10th grade, and 7.3% are of 8th grade. These figures may be astonishing, but they are hard-hitting facts. Similar to the reports of NIAAA, if you go to any authentic and informative stopalcoholaddiction blog, you will find more shocking revelations regarding underage drinking.

However, there is always a ‘why’ associated with any every huge issue. Why are these teenagers into binge drinking? Check out the answer here.

3 prominent reasons of underage alcohol binging via stopalcoholaddiction blog

  1. Trying to avoid expectancies

Every parent expects something or other from their children. It may be regarding their grades or regarding certain beliefs. Many times it has been seen that higher number of restricting factors are the prominent reasons that make kids take a wrong turn towards drinking habits.

  1. Aspects related to surrounding

Environmental or surrounding factors also play a major role in causing kids to take up drinking at a very tender age. When they see their parents or siblings drinking alcohol without any inhibition, they tend to engage in such offending behaviour.

  1. Risk taking attitude

In many types of research it has been seen that teenagers or adolescents above the age group of 20 are in such a physical and phase where they exactly don’t know where exactly belong. Neither are they adults nor children. In this phase, with hormonal changes, they are into ‘experimental’ zones which give them a thrilling experience in alcohol binging.

With so many additional reasons to this list, one can find more of such morbid reasons that influence adolescents to fall into the pit of alcoholism. However, not all hopes are lost for such kids. With proper counselling and following effective alcohol quitting steps present in renowned stopalcoholaddiction blog and websites, the cure for them is not far!

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